2021: A Year in Review
Hi there,
I initially wrote this as an email to our community of Architects, Engineers, Owners and Contractors who use Part3. Upon reflection, I wanted to share this with the wider AECO and Tech communities who have welcomed us, and helped us grow.
I'm writing this to say thank you. 2021 was a big year for us and working with all of you has made it enjoyable, and meaningful.
We’re on a mission to give Architects and Engineers the tools needed to get out of paperwork and administration, and instead stay focussed on design and construction — because if we can do that, you can design a built world that’s good for people, and the planet.
Before turning the page on the year, let's take a look at the best product updates of 2021!
Part3 comes to site.
The first Site Reports solution purpose-built for Engineers and Architects went live in November! Thank you to the teams at 
Raimondo & Associates
, and 
 for helping shape a great tool!
Part3 integrates with Procore.
The Part3 + Procore integration makes it easier than ever for the construction and design teams to quickly review Submittals and RFIs. It seamlessly transfers items for review from the Contractor's Procore project into the Consultant's Part3 project. When the review process is complete within Part3 the response is automatically sent back to Procore. The construction team can stay in Procore and the design team in Part3.
 helped us work through the alpha phase and continue to do so as we improve this integration more and more!
Part3 project logs are more organized.
The new interface for Project Logs allows faster sorting, filtering, and searching of your construction documents! 
 really drove the importance of this, and 
Raimondo & Associates 
helped us refine it.
Part3 users sign electronically.
Part3 is now your spot to upload and sign, electronically. Head to your account settings page to upload or create your signature. Thank you to 
Taylor Smyth
, who helped us ideate and refine this feature early in 2021!
Part3 helps you stay on budget.
Track budgets feature to stay on top of Contingencies, Allowances, and more! Thank you to 
 for the inspiration behind this feature.
…and thanks to you, our mission is getting bigger and bolder.
In recognition of the growth and momentum we’ve seen, Part3 was voted one of Toronto’s hottest startups earlier this year. We owe that to you and we will use this to continue to build the tools you need.
So from our basement offices at home in Toronto, to all of you scattered across North America at home and in the office - thank you.
Here’s to a bigger, better 2022!
Happy holidays, and best wishes,
The Part3 Team!