Product Release: Interactive Markups
“A picture is worth a thousand words"
Responding to Submittals and RFI's is a time consuming, collaborative, and visual task. Architects, engineers, and consultants can now work together to interact and markup drawings in real-time before responding back to GC's with a final review.
That's right, thanks to Part3, designers are in control through all aspects of Construction Administration.
Markup in Real-Time. Together.
With Part3 Interactive Markups, the entire consultant team can collaborate on a document together, in real-time. Each consultant type is assigned a single colour for consistency (e.g. Architectural is red, Structural is green) and has a number of tools available to them, including arrows, text boxes, and basic shapes, as well as the ability to post comments pinned to a specific reference point.
Publish and Distribute
With markups in place and final reviews documented, Part3 will publish a PDF file that contains the consultant's work, and distribute it to the GC and your team. The high-quality PDF output can be downloaded or printed by any team member with pixel-perfect resolution.
A Look Ahead
This is the beginning of an exciting road for Part3 and our users. Our customers are already using and providing feedback on this feature and outlining some great enhancements, over time the toolbox available will expand to include features such as polyline, transparent shading, and more.
This feature represents a huge milestone the Part3 founding team had been working toward. Interactive Markups put us one step closer to their vision of reimagining fundamental Construction Administration workflows. From here, we move into unchartered territory and continue our mission to unite teams, and create a better place to work.