Product Release: Project Dashboard
“Without data, you are blind and deaf, and in the middle of a freeway.” - Geoffrey Moore
Without data, your job is harder. Data leads to better decision making, provides teams with transparency and accountability, reduces mistakes and disputes, and drives efficiency. Part3 users are now able to monitor and track projects through an intuitive and insightful project dashboard.
The Dashboard
The Project Dashboard gives you an overview of any project your company is working on. With one glance, know the total change value to date, the average time it takes to issue documents, which consultants are slowing you down, and why changes are being issued in the first place. This is the place you and your entire team stay informed.
Stay informed, stay on track
Your project summary gives you answers immediately. Users can view the number of change documents created and issued, as well as the value of those changes to date. The top of the page contains the most important project metrics; Change value, Days added, and total documents issued. Each of these is clickable and will manipulate the time-series graph directly below, giving you the ability to peek beneath the surface and answer those tough questions.
The overage value represents the cost of issued changes as a percentage of the base contract value. Click on the overage value to see the break down by reason code.
The project cycle time calculates the average time elapsed between document creation and issuance. Again, users can click on the value to dig a little deeper.
With a clearer picture of how your project is progressing, you can make informed decisions during construction without an information handicap.
Drill-down for further insights
As is often the case, the devil lies in the details. Users can now view the total count of all construction documents as a sum or as a percentage of the project total, by consultant and by reason code. The same applies to the total value of issued changes, giving you a clearer picture of where and why changes are being issued.