Product Release: Rapid Submittal and RFI Consultant Responses
Part3 exists to provide consultants with an industry-leading platform that serves your every need during construction. Today, we took one more step toward achieving that mission, by launching a collaborative tracking and response workflow for submittals and RFIs. 
Submittals and RFIs
The new submittal and RFI beta allows the consultant team to log all responses, track open documents, and collaborate on responses before returning documents to contractors. Part3 just became your one-stop shop for construction administration.
A Better Workflow
Prime consultants create a submittal or RFI by entering the division, a title, the date received, and inviting the relevant consultants to collaborate on the response. Each consultant is able to submit their review with notes that will be consolidated on a platform generated cover page, and link any reference documents. 
Take Control
By using the submittal and RFI functions, consultants have a consolidated view for logs of all construction documents. At a single glance see which submittals and RFIs have been created, returned, or are overdue. Take control, stop relying on contractor maintained logs.
Track and Measure
Keep track of your submittal and RFI responses via the enhanced Project Dashboard. As well as monitoring document counts, users are able to track the average response time (the average number of days taken to respond, from the date the document was received) for each document type over the course of a project.
Looking Ahead
The consultant team is empowered to take further ownership and action over the construction of a project. Part3 is committed to improving this feature, and soon consultants will be able to markup documents and responses through a real-time, cloud-based drawing markup feature that no other tool can provide. Stay tuned for more!
Updated August 31st, 2021:
Part3 has continued to improve and innovate. You can now integrate with your contractors Procore project using Part3, Markup drawings in Part3, and work with the entire design team!
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