Part3 + Procore Integration is Here
Keeping on top of your submittals and RFIs is integral to the success of every construction project. But having to rely on one tool for this and another for that can lead to lost time and missed steps. Part3’s Procore integration removes those frustrations by streamlining construction administration into one app.
How Part3 and Procore work together
The Part3 + Procore integration makes submittals and RFI review effortless for both construction and design teams. Once you connect a Part3 project to Procore, it seamlessly transfers items for review from the Contractor's Procore project into the Consultant's Part3 project. You control permissions in Part3 that ensure only the design team can view the draft in Procore. 
Once you’ve completed the review process within Part3, the response is automatically sent back to Procore. The construction team can stay in Procore and the design team in Part3. Our cloud technology ensures real-time updates, regardless of how your team accesses Part3. 
Getting started with Part3 + Procore
The Procore integration was shipped as part of our latest update. Once you authorize the Procore connection under your Part3 profile, you can connect projects and you are good to go. Part3 does the rest.
New RFIs and submittals will automatically populate in the primary consultant’s Procore dashboard. There, they can add information and upload files that instantly appear in your Part3 dashboard, as well.
  • No more duplication of effort or errors from updating the same information in multiple places.
  • Speeds up the workflow for submittal and RFI responses because your team can work on one platform. 
  • Reduce miscommunications and streamline collaboration with real-time updates. 
  • You own the process. You no longer need to cede control of project data to contractors; you set the access permissions from Part3. 
Ready to get started? You’ll find step-by-step instructions for
setting up your Part3 + Procore connection here