How Part3 works with Procore, not against it

Check out Part3 syncs with Procore to make the Submittal and RFI review process easier for everybody!

Feb 22, 2023

Procore is becoming more and more prevalent in the industry. Architects and Consultants are forced to use software that is not designed for their needs. That’s where Part3 comes in.

Part3 connects with Procore to sync all Submittals and RFIs, allowing GCs to continue working in Procore, and the consultants to work in Part3. Here are a few benefits of Part3's connection with Procore!

Track your tasks!

If your GC works in Procore now, you likely have to download a lot of files and chase consultants for their reviews with emails and calls. In Part3, you can track your tasks and see who still needs to complete their review without leaving the app.

The Ball-in-court will update to reflect who needs to complete their reviews to make sure everyone is updated with their individual tasks.

Collaborate with your team in Part3

When a submittal or RFI is created in Procore, the GC selects reviewers in Procore, or maybe they didn’t. In Part3, you can add and remove collaborators as needed.

Work on a response together with your consultant team. Communicate in the app using Part 3's ‘comment’ feature. Keeping all the context and discussions at the document level means you never have to search through hundreds of emails again!

Annotate and Review documents in Part3

You can review your submittals using Part3's full suite of annotation tools. Review and mark up in Part3 without having to download them! See any previous and current versions in real-time, to make sure you're using the latest and greatest!


If the GC removes your access or closes the project in Procore, you still have access to all your history, comments, and pdf documents that were submitted and returned. This helps reduce duplication of efforts because you don't need to make hundreds of file folders and save documents to your servers. Part3's cloud-based solution takes care of that for you.

Control the received dates. Did something come in Friday at 5 pm? Update it to reflect your review period to start on Monday during working hours.

Consultants know that Contract Administration is so much more than submittals and RFIs. Part3 allows Architects and consultants to create and collaborate on all types of CA documents. Part3 facilitates the creation and distribution of all change documents, pricing reviews, field reports, and certificates for payments. Get in touch to learn how Part3 gives you control over your workflows! Book an intro call and demo here.

Part3 helps you work better together!