Part3 CCO Named in Top Female Founders & Leaders of 2024

Founders Beta acknowledges Jessica Luczycki's impact in AEC tech

Jan 9, 2024

Jessica Luczycki, co-founder, and CCO of Part3, has been recognized as one of Founders Beta's Top Leaders and Founders in 2024. This list celebrates the most exceptional founders, innovators, and leaders in AI, fintech, recruiting, and more.

Jessica's background in construction administration gave her a unique perspective on the challenges architects face in streamlining workflows and maintaining control of projects. Her passion for innovation and desire to solve this gap in the market led her to co-found Part3. As the CCO, Jessica and her team strive to deliver a seamless app experience to each of Part3's customers, and her hands-on approach means all client feedback receives thoughtful consideration.

One of the most significant challenges for Jessica and her co-founders is the pressure to grow quickly. However, she recommends being methodical and thinking about your strategy. "Whether it's growing your team, expanding your market, or shipping new features, it's essential to be methodical."

Jessica's success comes down to the people she surrounds herself with and her passion for helping the industry innovate and grow. "Surround yourself with great people. As a co-founder, I'm passionate about my company and the problem we're solving. Find people who believe in the product and are excited to be part of the journey."

To learn more about Part3 or discover a better way to manage your CA process, you can set up a call here.

You can also read the full article, including Jessica's interview with Founders Beta, here.

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