4 Reasons Part3 is Essential to Construction Teams

As construction ramps back up post-COVID-19, so will the contract administration workload. Now is the time to look at your processes and find ways not only to save time, but to avoid errors and minimize disputes.

Jan 6, 2020

As an architect or engineer, you're partnering with multiple consultants, project owners and contractors throughout contract administration. Information is scattered across companies, platforms, and people, and getting alignment on the adoption of another tool can be challenging. These problems drain resources and have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Here's why Part3 is essential to any architect, consultant, or contractor responsible for contract administration.

Part3 gives your teams access anywhere, anytime, on any device

How do you reduce errors? 

Errors are a part of life and mistakes are not always avoidable. Most mistakes, however, can be traced back to a lack of relevant or up-to-date information.

Part3 is a modern cloud-based web application. This means you and your entire team can access content and data on any device. Not only that, but updates are surfaced in real-time and the app is fully functional online and offline. Cut out those hours spent investigating, chasing, and amending contract documents and get back to what you do best.

Part3 promotes open collaboration across the entire project team

The biggest reason for rework is poor communication.

In fact, a study showed 26% of all rework is due to ineffective team communication, categorized in the below:

1. Unresponsiveness of team members

2. Inability of stakeholders to collaborate effectively

3. Lack of a common platform for all team members to communicate and share data

Collaborative teams make high performing teams, but collaboration is more than just adding a chat tool or hosting a weekly status call. Part3 promotes in-platform communication through comments and contextual activities that provide transparency and accountability. 

Now you can bring the entire team together in a single, integrated platform and drive active collaboration, even for team members traditionally unreceptive to adopting new tools.

Part3 provides quality and efficient task management workflows

“I spend on average 4-8 hours a day managing changes and contract documents” -  Toronto-based Contract Administrator.

We spoke to contract administrators at a wide range or architecture firms. The story is always the same. Hours spent creating, reviewing and issuing contracts, even longer spent chasing team members and following up on requests. 

Part3 leverages the structure and power of CCDC documents and workflows to create an efficient, transparent process. Create, submit and issue changes, upload & view content, export custom branded documents as you need them. Export project logs for when you need a better picture of the overall project health, or want to show progress to the team.

Part3 is built for you!

Here's the kicker - Part3 is unique in that it’s designed for you, the architect and consultant responsible for contract administration. 

Our Co-founder has spent 10 years in construction, working with General Contractors and as a Manager of Contract Administration for a Toronto-based architecture firm. We also work with a range of architects to get feedback on feature designs, as well as real-world testing through a partnership with a local firm.

Since the real value of Part3 comes from having the entire team in a single, centralized platform, we’ve made it easy for you to get the whole team onboard. The prime consultant controls access, and can invite the entire team without incurring any extra charges, not only that, but team members can contribute in only a couple of clicks via a link in their email inbox.

Using Part3 to Improve Profit Margins

I hope I’ve shown you just how critical Part3 is to managing effective project teams through contract administration, and, more importantly, how you can use Part3 to help your firm thrive and grow.