Top 5 Construction Administration Mistakes to Avoid

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Apr 18, 2023

Whether you’re new to the role or a seasoned professional, sometimes we need to step back and re-evaluate how we’re working. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid during the construction phase of a project. Construction is inherently stressful and involves a lot of pressure, so it’s good to take the time to reflect and improve as you go.

Us vs. Them Attitude

Construction projects can range anywhere from 1 to 5+ years. That’s a really long time to work with the same team of people. Getting off on the wrong foot can be detrimental. Of course, there will be moments when you can’t always play nicely in the sandbox but try to work together. 


Documentation on construction projects can be overwhelming. Between all of the submittals, RFIs, and change documents, it’s easy to become disorganized. Develop a system or implement software to help you manage all of your project documentation. 

Poor Documentation

C.Y.A (I’m sure everyone knows what this means, so I won’t elaborate). This is an industry of legality and risk management. Documentation is absolutely key for every single artifact, decision, and meeting that happens during construction.

Poor Communication

Projects involve a lot of people from a lot of different companies. Even though construction is a very collaborative industry, it is also extremely dispersed. Communicate expectations, priorities, and updates to the group via email, meetings, or in-person conversations. Don’t assume people have the same priorities or understanding. 

Becoming Overwhelmed

Every project involves stress, deadlines, and obligations. Remember that not everything can be urgent, so focus on prioritizing things. Take a breath.

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