Why Architects and Engineers can't rely on Procore for their Construction Administration needs

Why Architects and Engineers choose Part3 instead of relying on contractor software like Procore

Sep 24, 2022

Picture this. You’re working at an Architecture or Engineering firm and you stumbled onto Part3. Now, you are making the case to executives to adopt it. 

You know with Part3 you can save the firm time and money, you can work better with consultants, and you can focus on the design and construction by automating the admin. At this point, you might hear the question; “Why can’t you just use the contractor’s Procore project?”

This is a question a lot of people face when convincing an executive to use Part3 internally. After all, your contractors use Procore (sometimes, maybe something else) and you can use Procore as a collaborator for free. 

So how do you help point out why this doesn’t work?

The answer probably seems obvious to you, after all, you’re managing the Construction side of the project, and you or your team are working with the consultant team every day. Procore is a great tool, and it does a lot, for contractors…

Procore is for contractors to manage all aspects of construction, and they rely on their partners to help the other collaborators during construction, and for Architects and Engineers, that partner is Part3. More on that here.

In this article we’ll dig into;

1 - How Part3 can help with all areas of construction administration, and not just the small part of it that exists in Procore

2 - Why, and how, Architects and Engineers can take back control of their process and their data?

3 - How Part3 integrates with Procore to maintain real-time collaboration between design and construction teams

Armed with this information, you can make the case to the partners at your firm and become a champion for adopting Part3 (kind of like the Procore for Architects).

Part3 is for ALL of Construction Administration

With your contractor using Procore, you can respond to Shop Drawings and RFIs with the consultant team in one place. That’s awesome, you can do that in Part3 too, and it’s a very valuable workflow to digitize and track. 

CA is, however, much more than responding to RFIs and Shop Drawings. Over the course of a project, you’ll update drawings and issue changes, track and review quotes, issue instructions and bulletins, and conduct (and document) site visits. If you’re relying on contractor software for CA, you are probably doing all these other activities in Word, excel, and email pretty inefficiently. 

It’s 2021, that is no way to work. 

Part3 automates the administration in issuing changes, SI’s, Bulletins, and more. Consultants can keep work-in-progress hidden from contractors, and collaborate in real-time on every task.

publishedPart3 could be the Holy grail for architects to stay organized

You need to take control of your data

Have you ever found yourself in disagreement on the date a Shop Drawing was due a review, or the date an RFI was issued? 

Are you struggling to standardize your team’s process due to the fragmented way CA is running today across different contractor software, email, word, google docs, excel, and who knows what else?

Have you lost the ability to look back on data from previous projects? 

If the answer is yes to any of these, you’ve come to the right place.

With your own tool in place for CA, you, the architect, are in charge of your data, and your process! Log the date you received the RFI and the due date to avoid disputes, track your average response time, and see which consultants average longer response times. Track changes and spot opportunities to bill for additional services, and find trends in your teams’ performance! 

Relying on someone else’s software leaves you vulnerable and at a disadvantage, it’s time to take back control.

Part3 is a Procore marketplace partner that integrates well

The Part3 + Procore integration makes submittals and RFI reviews effortless for both construction and design teams. Once you connect a Part3 project to Procore, it seamlessly transfers items for review from the Contractor's Procore project into the Consultant's Part3 project. You control permissions in Part3 that ensure only the design team can view the draft in Procore. 

Once you’ve completed the review process within Part3, the response is automatically sent back to Procore. The construction team can stay in Procore and the design team in Part3. Our cloud technology ensures real-time updates, regardless of how your team accesses Part3. 

Learn more about the integration between Part3 + Procore here

As a marketplace partner, we work with Procore to continuously improve the real-time collaboration between design and construction teams.

We hope this helps you make the case. Ultimately, Part3 is all about uniting the consultant team, automating the admin, and saving you headaches! 

"Is there a Procore for Architects?"

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