Why Did We Start Part3?

We founded Part3 to help Architects take control of their projects.

Jul 21, 2021

If you could take control of your project data and streamline workflows in one user-friendly place, how much time would you save? Welcome to Part3, the integrated construction project management platform designed and developed by industry insiders. They understand first-hand how errors and oversights can cause unnecessary delays when data sharing is laborious and confusing.

Jessica Luczycki, CA, Jack Sadler, and Corey Stanford saw a need for an architect-driven collaborative construction administration platform. 

“As professionals in the architecture sector, we saw construction projects suffer from organizational chaos, with designers and construction teams working from various formats and on multiple platforms,” they said. “The result was unnecessary delays and countless human errors. We are now on a mission to streamline the information flow between architects, contractors, and other stakeholders”

Part3 brought together their IT expertise and construction administration know-how to design a collaborative and effortless workflow software to better manage projects during the construction phase. “Inputting and re-inputting shop drawings, RFIs, and site reports is time-consuming,” says Luczycki. “Our goal is to make that part of the job a cinch, so designers can stay focussed on what they do best, which is to bring their projects to life.”

Putting Project Management in the Architect’s Capable Hands

Controlled by the architect in charge of the project, Part3 enables professional construction administration on the go using cloud technology. You can create, sign, seal, track, and manage custom documents from the interface including submittals and RFIs. 

You can also control access and permissions, see bottlenecks and added costs at a glance, track issued and outstanding documents, and monitor response times and delays.

How Part3 Empowers Architects 

  • Ease of Use: With all of your data in one place, you can quickly generate reports on progress, delays, added costs, and outstanding documents and deliverables with just a click. 

  • Operating System Agnostic: Cloud-based technology means Part3 is accessible to anyone who has been added to the project, regardless of how they access it. No more lost time and frustration waiting for spinning wheel downloads to sync — real-time updates mean maximum productivity.

  • Transparency: The dashboard is professional and elegant, providing transparency for all members of the project team in a user-friendly way. Continuous improvements based on customer feedback keep it that way. 

Take control of your project data and build efficiency into all of your project management processes. Contact us to learn how.