Your 3 Most Common Part3 Questions, Answered

We talk with a lot of people in the AEC industry. Here are some answers to the questions we often hear

Aug 21, 2021

Changing project management systems can be challenging, even if you know your firm needs to take control of its data in a way that only cloud technology can handle. How do you decide which software to use? And who has time to switch to a new system and retrain your team? It’s important you get the solution right the first time. 

Here are answers to the most common questions we get asked by architects considering Part3 for their integrated project management needs.

1. My current system is working. Why do I need Part3?

Integrated project management is the fastest-growing technology in architecture and construction today, which means your competition has likely already made the switch or is thinking seriously about it. The reason? Each delay causes a chain reaction that slows down communication and production. No matter what business you are in, from small and mid-sized architecture firms to enterprise corporations, intelligent software is the only option to stay organized and efficient in an ever-changing and competitive market.

Part3 helps companies like yours:

Merge, prepare, and analyze from multiple sources. Studies show that office workers typically spend ⅓ of their time simply uploading and downloading files. Part3’s seamless integration with other leading software technologies, including Procore, enables you to take back time previously wasted on searching for emails, or waiting for new data to arrive.

Unlock the hidden value of your data. Data is most valuable when it is readily available. Informed decision-making becomes faster when the entire team is continually up-to-date. And with easy access to all projects, past and current, your team can quickly pinpoint where cost inefficiencies are occurring and avoid them in the future.

Mitigate risk. With Part 3, you reduce human error with automated information exchange, real-time updates, and access to the most recent version of each project log, shop drawing, RFI, change order and other documents. That’s because we create and manage all project documents in one place, so you can eliminate manual project tracking.

Improve employee satisfaction. Part3 stamps out the frustration of filing and sorting through mountains of data so your people can focus on what they do best — bringing exceptional designs to life.

2. Is Part3 secure?

Yes. Provided users keep track of their passwords, cloud-based technology is very difficult to hack. According to a recent industry report, 95% of cyber-based attacks are the result of human error rather than technological weaknesses. With Part3, each team member is required to log in using their own unique password. You control access for each one so general contractors, stakeholders, and collaborators see only what is most relevant to them.

3. How much time will it take to learn how to use Part3?

Part3 is specifically built with architects in mind. We’ve invested in making our dashboard beautiful and functional. Inside, you and your team will find an uncluttered and highly intuitive interface with logical layouts and color coding for simple navigation.

With such a clean presentation, we’ve found that it typically takes only a few hours to get you and your team up and running, although some subscribers have not required onboarding at all. Still, changing habits and working in new ways can be challenging. We are here to walk you through the process every step of the way. Contact us at to find out how to customize the app to your specific needs.